Near-Infrared Sauna


Our full spectrum infrared sauna in Melbourne also includes near-infrared which delivers a range of health benefits. Near-infrared is classified as infrared with a wavelength from approximately 0.8μm to 3μm and is less penetrating than mid-infrared and far-infrared wavelengths. Thus near-infrared delivers health benefits at your body’s surface.

Near-infrared saunas deliver many health benefits such as:

Wound Healing

Near-infrared saunas speed up the wound healing process, reducing the risk of further complications such as infection. NASA has conducted studies on near-infrared and found that these wavelengths more than double the speed of cell growth around wounds.

Skin Cleansing & Anti-Ageing

The overall detoxification and stimulation effects of infrared saunas provide the perfect environment to remove those wrinkles! Near-infrared saunas stimulate the production of collagen, which improves skin tone and reduces wrinkles. Combined with the detoxification of far infrared treatment, you’ll experience anti-ageing effects within weeks – as studies have shown. Look younger the healthy way without worrying about the possibility of adverse side effects so often associated with other cosmetic procedures.

Cell Health & Immunity

Near-infrared saunas encourage blood flow just underneath the skin, enabling toxins released from deeper within to exit through the skin more readily with the help of sweating. This increased blood flow allows your skin to gain more oxygen and speeds up healing and other biological processes. Studies have also shown that near-infrared treatment stimulates the production of white blood cells, naturally providing you with increased immunity to avoid sicknesses like the flu!

Treat Yourself In A Healthy Way

Our infrared sauna in Melbourne is a perfect way to escape the rush of everyday life and treat yourself to a relaxing and healthy retreat. Enjoy all the health benefits that naturally come along with infrared saunas.
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