Frequently Asked Questions

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Below is a list of our most frequently asked questions, however, if you require additional information please feel free to contact us here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How does our full spectrum infrared sauna differ from a traditional sauna?

Traditional saunas operate at very high temperatures and heat the air around you. This means they can be uncomfortably hot for some people, and as the air around you is only in contact with your skin, the sauna can only act on your body at a superficial level.

Our Infrared Sauna uses infrared wavelengths varying from near-infrared through to far-infrared, which can penetrate your tissues at a deeper and targetable depth. Infrared Saunas can provide greater therapeutic detoxification for your tissues at a lower more comfortable temperature than traditional saunas.

Traditional saunas create sweat from fluids at the skin level only. This means that you lose predominantly water and electrolytes. Infrared Saunas create sweat that is a product of detoxification at a deeper cellular level, so the components of your sweat are different.

Is infrared sauna heat safe?

Yes, Infrared heat has been studied extensively and is safe. Infrared Saunas use Infrared rays (working on your body as heat) to stimulate your tissues and is not to be confused with Ultraviolet (UV) rays which can be dangerous.

When is infrared sauna not suitable?

We don’t recommend our clients use our Sauna if pregnant or have a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. Otherwise, it is safe for all ages and states of health.

How often should I use the infrared sauna?

This depends on what you are trying to achieve with your sessions. We recommend 1-3 times a week for most people. This is usually sufficient to achieve the benefits of the Infrared Sauna.

What should you wear when you sauna?

Our sauna is a private 2 person cabin and as with all saunas we recommend you wear the least you feel comfortable with. Most females wear their underwear or bathers or wrap a towel around themselves. We request that a towel be brought along with each session. A shower is available for use after the session if required.
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