Far-Infrared Sauna


At our infrared sauna in Melbourne, we tailor your infrared session to target your individual needs. Our infrared sauna is full-spectrum, allowing us to apply all wavelengths in the infrared spectrum either simultaneously or individually, including far-infrared as discussed below.

Far-infrared wavelengths provide the following health benefits:

Deep Detoxification

Far-infrared penetrates deep into your body, causing the deepest sweat possible. As the infrared wavelengths heat your body directly, toxins stubbornly residing within your deep tissues are released. Toxins such as heavy metals (eg. Mercury, Lead) from the environment and diet that accumulate within your body find their way out, strengthening your body’s immune system and efficiency. Deep detoxification using our far-infrared sauna can help strengthen your body against illness and helps you achieve a better level of health and vitality.

Blood Pressure Reduction & Improved Heart Function

Heating your body with infrared rays increases the blood flow in and around your muscles in a way similar to when you exercise. This has a two-fold impact on blood pressure. You experience a similar stress reduction and clarity of mind that you get with exercise, thus reducing a cause of blood pressure, and your body increases heart rate and flow in response to the gentle heating, bringing an immediate and lasting reduction of pressure and improvement in circulation.

Studies reveal that far-red infrared sauna treatments improve heart function and lower incidence of ventricular arrhythmias. According to studies, regular infrared sauna sessions are observed to improve blood vessels, thus lowering the severity of blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes.


Our far-infrared sauna helps your body maintain a healthy balance of cortisol, the primary stress hormone. Your muscles also relax when heated gently, relieving tension. Alone time in the sauna also provides you with an opportunity to process everything on your mind, allowing you to move on from causes of stress.

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We take a holistic approach to your specific needs and will adapt your infrared sauna session to maximise its benefits to you. Feel free to contact us and make a booking or to learn more about infrared sauna treatments in Melbourne today!
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