Mid-Infrared Sauna


Our full spectrum sauna in Melbourne can be tweaked to target your individual needs. Mid-range infrared has its unique properties that interact with our bodies in ways that bring certain benefits.

Mid-infrared sauna treatments utilise infrared wavelengths from 3μm to 50μm and can provide the following benefits:

Pain Relief & Sports Injuries

Infrared sauna therapy is a great natural pain reliever. Infrared energy enters deep into your body, including your muscle and bones, as well as improving blood flow to these areas. The heat generated by mid-infrared allows your muscles to relax, relieving tension and spasms, helping the body to better heal itself.

Weight Loss

Through gentle heating and detoxification of the body, you burn calories and open the way for biological processes to perform with reduced hindrance. You can burn up to 600 calories while relaxing in a mid-infrared sauna!

Improved Circulation

As well as opening the way for toxins to escape, gentle heating of your body opens up blood vessels, increasing blood flow similar to what happens when undergoing exercise!

The improved circulation lowers blood pressure both during and after a sauna session and speeds up healing processes both deep within your body such as joints and muscles and on the surface such as with wounds!

Start realising infrared sauna health benefits for yourself today!

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